Saturday, June 30, 2012

My First Vlog: Eek!

Hi my lovelies....I am taking part in a Vlog series with Katlyn and some other lovely ladies and I have to say I am pretty nervous about the whole thing! The idea of talking on a Vlog and then posting it online sends all kinda shivers down my spine. What can I say? I'm shy!

Well, here's my's nearly 13 minutes long so it's in two parts! You might want tea, snacks or the ability to fast forward to get through it all. Am I selling it? (Use the password 'craftbotic' to access both - I'm trying to avoid a student 'remix'!)

Part One Vlog from Rosie Quinn on Vimeo.

Vlog 2 from Rosie Quinn on Vimeo.
If you have any more questions, pop them in the comments and I will drop you an email! (Obviously if they are not too 'out there'!)

Hugs, R xxx


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