Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Couldn't Believe My Eyes...

When I read about a girl of 9 who had started a blog about her school dinners in order to engage with people around the world about nutrition in schools, I thought...that's fantastic! There's a girl writing about something she feels passionate about. She's showing dedication to writing a blog on a daily basis (which we all know is a lot of work) and has succeeded in featuring people from all over the globe. Best of all, she was doing this to raise money for a charity which provides food to those who don't have it. She had a massively ambitious target.

So...why did the local council ban her from taking pictures of or writing about the food she eats in school?

My version is simple: they were afraid of criticism. They were scared that the quality of the food wasn't adequate, that people started to question their policy and funding of school dinners. So they censored a little girl, ultimately stopping her from raising money.

You'd be forgiven to think that she was overly derogatory in her blog.  There are some posts which are critical, but most were very complimentary about the food. Her blog is called NeverSeconds and you SHOULD read it.

Well thanks to the British media, a number of bandwagon-jumping politicians and genuinely supportive chefs, the Council were made to see what an absolutely RIDICULOUS decision they had made.

I mean, who wants articulate, socially conscious, well-rounded, motivated children?

So they over-turned the decision and NeverSeconds is now a national hit. And the best bit: she's only gone and raised £85,000 (ish)  for her charity.

Children never cease to amaze and inspire me. They can offer so much more than we sometimes give them credit for. 

R xx

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