Monday, June 11, 2012

Dreaming Big! Why I always need to have a project!

Some of you may have caught the post I did here on Brooke's awesome blog. If you didn't, it's all about my first ever charity run (not enough...ok, I'm in costume...). Since then I have questioned over and over again: why running?
It's a good question!  I hate it - I feel smug (not satisfaction) when I have done a run and know I'm getting fitter, but still I'm not a natural runner and I have to FORCE myself to go out - even once a week.
So then came the next question: why don't you do something you enjoy?
Another fair question. So after thinking fairly irrationally for a few minutes I decided to make some crafted items, find a craft fair and sell them with all of the profit to go to charity. THEN I realised, with a bit of a eureka kinda moment, that my school holds a craft fair in November.  Before I had really considered the fact I have nothing to sell, no outstanding products that I know how to make, and very little idea on setting up a craft fair, I had emailed the Parent Teacher Association and booked myself a large table in the main room.

Now, I went to this craft fair last year, and there are some SERIOUSLY talented stall holders. The realisation that I would be competing for business kicked in.
Then I realised that I am still not in my comfort zone.  Give me a room full of kids and an English Curriculum to make fun and I can do that. Put me in front of my own work or in a sales situation and I fall to pieces, a little, shy, wobbling lump of jelly.  And actually what I need to be good at is selling the items as I guess the clue is in the word: profit.
Am I mad? 
I would very much appreciate some advice from my crafty/non-crafty/shop owning blog buddies. What can I sell? How do I go about deciding on quantities? How do I develop a good sales technique? How do I set out the stall?  How do I make my products stand out?

Hope you are having a great day! 

R xxx

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