Tuesday, June 19, 2012

50 Shades of Contention: Bloggy Book Club Round Two

Welcome to round two of Bloggy Book Club!

We are very excited to be getting started with the featured title, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James and hope that you enjoy it as much as us! This featured title will go for 6 weeks meaning it will begin today, June 19th and end on July 24th. We ask that you participate in as many of the posts as possible to make it fun and for us to get to know each of you a little better!

I would also like to say that with this book, I recommend that you are no younger than 18. We will although try to keep it as family friendly as we can.
*There my be some adult content in these posts!*

Shall we get onto the good stuff? I think so!

With each week you are welcomed to get an entry into our giveaway for a $10 Amazon gift card.
Please note that we are using Rafflecopter and since this goes over a 6 week period you CANNOT submit all of the entries in the first week. The same widget is being used throughout to collect the entries so just do the ones you can each week! Be sure to link up! :)

And of course this wouldn't be a book club without some questions about the book. This is what you could comment on in your link up post
"There has been some pretty 'harsh' thoughts about this book, saying God will be ashamed of you if you lay your eyes upon the pages of this book due to some graphic scenes between Ana and Christian. Do you agree or disagree with this? Does it matter to you how these people are feeling? How do these thoughts and feeling make you feel?" 


"Ana seems to be bewildered with the thought of Christian Grey and all that he is in the beginning chapters of this novel. How do you think her reaction about his physical appearance and self awareness of himself was depicted? Did you feel as if Christian Grey was amused by her inexperience with interviews or simply intrigued with where she was going next?"

We cannot wait to hear what you all have to say! Remember, we can discuss the book via Facebook as we go through it! If you find yourself online, see if anyone is hanging out in book club.  Have fun and remember to nominate a book for round three by writing a comment below.

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