Friday, June 1, 2012

1984 - "A Look Back" Link-Up

This is my first time linking up with Brooke @ Covered in Grace and all her awesome co-hosts.  In all honesty, I don't really remember much about my childhood - everything has gone quite fuzzy and I can't really say I am very sure over what actually happened and what I think happened. So I decided to have a bit more of an abstract "look back".  In 1984 my brother was born!

A Look Back

(I apologise for the lack of photos; I don't actually own any from when I was small. They are in the possession of my parents!)

My brother arrived in late July 1984. I must have really liked him as I am in pretty much every photo practically squeezing him to death.  Now my parents tell me I have always liked to be the centre of attention, so it might have been more to do with wanting to be in every photo.

(Pancakes on Christmas Morning 2010)
Now because I don't actually remember what it was like to be 3, or 1984 in the slightest, I am going to share 5 awesome memories of my brother instead.  I am sure he'd be excited to know these bad boys are on the interweb! That'll teach him to not read my blog...(evil laugh).

1. I took my brother to his first concert (The Beastie Boys at Wembley Arena) and helped him dye his hair bright blue for his 18th birthday.

2. When my Nanna used to come and stay, my brother and I would share a room and fall asleep holding hands from our separate beds.

3.  My brother gave me a 'hair cut' when he was 3 years old, taking about 12 inches out of the back of bum length hair using child safety scissors. (Note to all parents, they still cut hair really well.)
(Barcelona 2008)
4. He had an awesome train set which meant he had the big room as his bedroom and I lived in the tiny one. Apparently my hobby of reading didn't need quite so much room.  We mostly used the train set as a den....ironically I used to like to read underneath it!

5.  My brother has developed a fantastic love of photography. I think he is absolutely AMAZING. Check out his awesome work here.

So here's my brother and to 1984!  I might not remember much of it, but it marked the start of one of my favourite people in the whole world. 

Thanks for reading...go link up! I want to hear all about your 1984.

Rosie xx

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