Saturday, June 30, 2012

My First Vlog: Eek!

Hi my lovelies....I am taking part in a Vlog series with Katlyn and some other lovely ladies and I have to say I am pretty nervous about the whole thing! The idea of talking on a Vlog and then posting it online sends all kinda shivers down my spine. What can I say? I'm shy!

Well, here's my's nearly 13 minutes long so it's in two parts! You might want tea, snacks or the ability to fast forward to get through it all. Am I selling it? (Use the password 'craftbotic' to access both - I'm trying to avoid a student 'remix'!)

Part One Vlog from Rosie Quinn on Vimeo.

Vlog 2 from Rosie Quinn on Vimeo.
If you have any more questions, pop them in the comments and I will drop you an email! (Obviously if they are not too 'out there'!)

Hugs, R xxx

Who is your Blog Angel? The BIG Reveal

It's that time already, and hasn't it flown by! Today we find out all about our Blog Angels, who they have helped, what they have been doing and how it has effected their experience of blogging. If you are new to the site and wondering what it's all about, you can catch up here and here.
When you link up today, remember to visit your blogger's site and leave them a little message to introduce yourself. I am sure they will enjoy reading about all of the behind the scenes goodness you have been up to. If you missed the email I sent around, here's what you could include in your post:
  • Who have you been an Angel for? Who are they? What is their site like?
  • What have you been trying to do to connect with them?
  • What was it like being a Blog Angel? What did you enjoy/dislike? What would you do differently? What did you learn from the experience?

I have really enjoyed running Blog Angels with Katlyn this month and have decided that it will return in August and be open to the first 100 people who sign up.  The form will be published on Craftbotic and Dreamy Meadow on 14th July - so save the date!

I will be on holiday until the 23rd July in Spain, so can you please email Katlyn with any queries until that date.  I will then allocate you a blog angel when I am back from sunning myself before the 27th July so that you can start spreading the love from the 1st-31st August.

Hugs as always,

Rosie & Katlyn xo

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The 3 Shades of Ana: 50 Shades Week 2

I spent a lot of time last week explaining how I felt about reviewing this book (50 Shades...) and I don't want to repeat myself, but I recommend you have a read of this before you continue forward.  This is a contentious book and I want to keep my corner of the blogosphere friendly! So if you haven't read this, then go do's kinda necessary!

I am excited to be answering this week's question as it allows me to rant explore the character of Ana, well as far as it is possible....once again, if you want to know nothing of the book, don't click read more. Only named and non-offensive comments will remain published.

So the question is...

"Ana seems to be weak but yet is argumentative with Christian. Do you feel as if the author was trying to draw her a backbone and make her appear to be stronger in Christian's eyes? Do you feel that by her doing so Ana's innocence was lost a bit?"

50 Shades: Bloggy Book Club Week Two

Another week of Bloggy Book club is in our paths and we are so excited to get into the groove of things!
Last week was super fun and I hope that people continue to participate with us!
*Again we want to remind people that there may be some adult content in these posts so please use your own discretion when reading!*
One announcements that we would like to announce as well is about the Facebook chats that will be going on every week on Tuesdays at 12:00 pm PST! This is a way for all of us to get to know each other better so we are comfortable when the Google+ hangout comes! We understand that being in a video chat can be overwhelming and scary so we want to get to know each and every one of you better before that time comes! We're here to make friends! 
Okay, now let's get to the good stuff! The discussion questions for this week. Feel free to write about one, both or just whatever you want to!
"Ana seems to be weak but yet is argumentative with Christian. Do you feel as if the author was to draw here a backbone and make her appear to be stronger in Christians eyes? Do you feel that by her doing so Ana's innocence was lost a bit?"
"What are your feeling about Christian Grey's ever changing personalities?"

I can't wait to hear what you all have to say about the book so far! Also let us know how far in the book you are! That's always very helpful when in a book club so we can try not to spoil anything for you guys! Also remember to link up your posts and submit anymore entries that you can via Rafflecoptor! 

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Fifty Shades Community:

Discussion Posts:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Couldn't Believe My Eyes...

When I read about a girl of 9 who had started a blog about her school dinners in order to engage with people around the world about nutrition in schools, I thought...that's fantastic! There's a girl writing about something she feels passionate about. She's showing dedication to writing a blog on a daily basis (which we all know is a lot of work) and has succeeded in featuring people from all over the globe. Best of all, she was doing this to raise money for a charity which provides food to those who don't have it. She had a massively ambitious target.

So...why did the local council ban her from taking pictures of or writing about the food she eats in school?

My version is simple: they were afraid of criticism. They were scared that the quality of the food wasn't adequate, that people started to question their policy and funding of school dinners. So they censored a little girl, ultimately stopping her from raising money.

You'd be forgiven to think that she was overly derogatory in her blog.  There are some posts which are critical, but most were very complimentary about the food. Her blog is called NeverSeconds and you SHOULD read it.

Well thanks to the British media, a number of bandwagon-jumping politicians and genuinely supportive chefs, the Council were made to see what an absolutely RIDICULOUS decision they had made.

I mean, who wants articulate, socially conscious, well-rounded, motivated children?

So they over-turned the decision and NeverSeconds is now a national hit. And the best bit: she's only gone and raised £85,000 (ish)  for her charity.

Children never cease to amaze and inspire me. They can offer so much more than we sometimes give them credit for. 

R xx

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why I'm Feeling a Little Bit Scared! 50 Shades - Week One

So far (and I keep my fingers crossed for the future) I have managed three whole months without offending anyone with my blog content.  How contentious can craft be?  Well, it seems not enough to make anyone give me negative feedback; at least to my face! I'm not usually one to sit on the fence, but I guess I don't really see my blog as somewhere I want to rant or vent all my problems. I write to escape them! 
{This is somewhat ironic as I quite enjoy reading other people blowing off steam.}

I'm sitting here this evening KNOWING that whatever I write about our bloggy bookclub this month is going to be controversial. How could discussing '50 Shades of Grey' and my reaction to it NOT create the same reaction it has throughout the blogosphere? 

Only yesterday I was reading a thought-provoking post which advocated people of a Christian faith did not read it.  If you are Christian, I would suggest you take a look here first and potentially avoid my book posts as I am aware that it might cause you upset or offence.  This isn't my intention. I don't want to lose you as a for the next few Tuesdays you might want to avoid popping by. There will be lots of other posts on other days though! I am taking part in this book club as I believe in the freedom of literature and the right to respond and discuss. I hope you can respect that, as I respect the views of those out there who disagree.
One thing I have decided is that my blog WILL be staying family friendly. I'm a teacher, some of my students read my blog and I for one wouldn't want to expose them to some of the issues in this text. I was horrified when one of my class said they knew girls who had read it.  I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone under 18 and certainly for those young people who are yet to have a romantic relationship with which to compare with.

{Wow! In two paragraphs it just got pretty deep}
If you don't want to read on, don't click read on. I am about to share my opinion on this week's key questions: "Ana seems to be bewildered with the thought of Christian Grey and all that he is in the beginning chapters of this novel. How do you think her reaction about his physical appearance and self awareness of himself was depicted? Did you feel as if Christian Grey was amused by her inexperience with interviews or simply intrigued with where she was going next?"

50 Shades of Contention: Bloggy Book Club Round Two

Welcome to round two of Bloggy Book Club!

We are very excited to be getting started with the featured title, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James and hope that you enjoy it as much as us! This featured title will go for 6 weeks meaning it will begin today, June 19th and end on July 24th. We ask that you participate in as many of the posts as possible to make it fun and for us to get to know each of you a little better!

I would also like to say that with this book, I recommend that you are no younger than 18. We will although try to keep it as family friendly as we can.
*There my be some adult content in these posts!*

Shall we get onto the good stuff? I think so!

With each week you are welcomed to get an entry into our giveaway for a $10 Amazon gift card.
Please note that we are using Rafflecopter and since this goes over a 6 week period you CANNOT submit all of the entries in the first week. The same widget is being used throughout to collect the entries so just do the ones you can each week! Be sure to link up! :)

And of course this wouldn't be a book club without some questions about the book. This is what you could comment on in your link up post
"There has been some pretty 'harsh' thoughts about this book, saying God will be ashamed of you if you lay your eyes upon the pages of this book due to some graphic scenes between Ana and Christian. Do you agree or disagree with this? Does it matter to you how these people are feeling? How do these thoughts and feeling make you feel?" 


"Ana seems to be bewildered with the thought of Christian Grey and all that he is in the beginning chapters of this novel. How do you think her reaction about his physical appearance and self awareness of himself was depicted? Did you feel as if Christian Grey was amused by her inexperience with interviews or simply intrigued with where she was going next?"

We cannot wait to hear what you all have to say! Remember, we can discuss the book via Facebook as we go through it! If you find yourself online, see if anyone is hanging out in book club.  Have fun and remember to nominate a book for round three by writing a comment below.

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Fifty Shades Community:

Discussion Link Up:

Friday, June 15, 2012

So, what's it like being a Blog Angel?

We are now half way through June! How did that happen? It also means we are half way through the Blog Angels project, where 75 people have been busy helping out each other secretly in blog land.  It's been amazing seeing all of the tweets and comments going on regularly as well as some of the awesome things made for the recipients.  Check back on 30th June to see people reveal who they have helped and how.  In the mean time, check out how people have felt about being a Blog Angel so far by visiting the links below. Don't forget to say hello while you are there!

If you are a Blog Angel link up your posts below between 15th-22nd June.  Remember not to say WHAT you have been doing or WHO you have been helping.  You could consider the following questions** to help you out with this:
  • What have you learnt about yourself from helping another blogger?
  • What has been the most fun thing about being a Blog Angel? What has been the most frustrating?
  • Has being a Blog Angel changed your approach to blogging? How?
  • How have you made time to help someone else out?
  • Have you been trying to work out who is helping you or are you more concerned with helping others?
  • How does being a Blog Angel affect your experience of blog land?
{**These are just suggestions**}

We are really excited to see what you have been up to!


Rosie & Katlyn xo


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Totally Tacos Today...and Yesterday.....and the Day Before...

I have been craving Tacos ever since Alyx got back to America. So....for this yummy supper (and for the last two days), I have Alyx to blame , sorry.  thank! Find out why here.
FYI  - They were leckerlicious (Gerglish word)!
Today I will work on eating them without getting guacamole in my hair: nice.
Rosie xx

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dreaming Big! Why I always need to have a project!

Some of you may have caught the post I did here on Brooke's awesome blog. If you didn't, it's all about my first ever charity run (not enough...ok, I'm in costume...). Since then I have questioned over and over again: why running?
It's a good question!  I hate it - I feel smug (not satisfaction) when I have done a run and know I'm getting fitter, but still I'm not a natural runner and I have to FORCE myself to go out - even once a week.
So then came the next question: why don't you do something you enjoy?
Another fair question. So after thinking fairly irrationally for a few minutes I decided to make some crafted items, find a craft fair and sell them with all of the profit to go to charity. THEN I realised, with a bit of a eureka kinda moment, that my school holds a craft fair in November.  Before I had really considered the fact I have nothing to sell, no outstanding products that I know how to make, and very little idea on setting up a craft fair, I had emailed the Parent Teacher Association and booked myself a large table in the main room.

Now, I went to this craft fair last year, and there are some SERIOUSLY talented stall holders. The realisation that I would be competing for business kicked in.
Then I realised that I am still not in my comfort zone.  Give me a room full of kids and an English Curriculum to make fun and I can do that. Put me in front of my own work or in a sales situation and I fall to pieces, a little, shy, wobbling lump of jelly.  And actually what I need to be good at is selling the items as I guess the clue is in the word: profit.
Am I mad? 
I would very much appreciate some advice from my crafty/non-crafty/shop owning blog buddies. What can I sell? How do I go about deciding on quantities? How do I develop a good sales technique? How do I set out the stall?  How do I make my products stand out?

Hope you are having a great day! 

R xxx

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Secret Blogger Swap Reveal

See this amazing stash of goodies?

I got these in the post last Saturday morning (really early Mr Postman for a Saturday) and as you can see it was very worth getting out of bed for it!  Chelsea sent me some awesome gifts just perfect for me, including: cool kiwi bookmarks, New Zealand pens, a note book for list making, a really pretty necklace, nail varnish and a duck. There was also a really beautiful bracelet she made, but I couldn't put it in the picture because I was wearing it! So thank you, Chelsea. And folks, go and check out her blog - she's an absolute sweet heart!

If you want to find out how to get involved with awesome projects like the blogger swap, go and visit Danielle's blog Framed Frosting who organised it all. She has an awesome 10 days of giveaways going on to celebrate a blogging milestone.

I've been on holiday all week with the gorgeous boyfriend so I have been a bit late posting this....however, I have lots of exciting news and blog posts coming up, including what I was doing on a 50 metre high moving platform!

Rosie xx

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bloggy Book Club: Final Week!

Hey book club pals! How are you doing this fine Tuesday?
Are you ready to get your final opinions out there about WFE? We sure are!!

First off, let's take a look at what we've gone through with this featured title...

Now for some of the fun... We want you to link up a post answering this question...
"What was your overall favorite part of this book?"

We would love for you to do a little something for this question and link up this week! We love reading and hearing from all of you! If you're feeling extra spectacular feel free to link up a vlog (they're really fun)!  

If you are new to our little community, grab a button! We will be starting 50 Shades of Grey by EL James on June 19th! Hope to see you there!!!

We also want to thank all of you for making our first Bloggy Book Club featured title so much fun! I'm sure the future months will be even better with more participation and friendships! :) I cannot wait to dive into more books with you guys!

Come join us on Sunday, June 10th at 12:00 pm PST for a Google+ hangout! Add Rosie and Katlyn to your circles! :) 

Our Community:

Discussion Link Up:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dating Tips: Yes Really! A Guest Post for Raising Miss Mommy

I wrote this post for Amanda while she had a blogging break.  I really enjoyed getting to know her through doing this guest post and I hope you can take the time to visit her too at her awesome blog Raising Miss Mommy.
Now, I am no expert in dating, in fact when I started my blog, I probably never imagined I would end up writing a post like this, but when I was going over possible ideas for what to write about on Amanda's amazing blog, I realised that this was something I put quite a lot of effort into, or more precisely ‘we’ put a lot of effort into. 

My boyfriend and I are in quite a unique situation – we live in different countries and see each other every 3 weeks or so.  Therefore, with less time than ‘normal’ couples together, the time we spend becomes extra valuable and sitting inside on the sofa, munching chocolate and zoning out in front of the TV doesn’t really fly (we save this activity for when we are both brain-dead or ill). I’d show you a picture of his extreme handsomeness, but he is pathologically allergic to having his photo publicly on the Internet.  You’ll have to take my word, or the footprint as proof that he exists!
Anyhow, I wanted to write this post to share some of our ideas for dates which we have tried and enjoyed or are going to try out after our long discussion about this very post…we had it while driving between furniture shops (rock’n’roll hey?!) I wanted it to be easy to organise, cost-effective and fun!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's Letters: The First of June Edition

(This is what I was looking at last Friday instead of writing my link post!)

Looking out at the view above (incidentally where I will be going on a school trip in 3 weeks), I was full of excitement.  I had just been sea kayaking for the first time, seen the Olympic torch that morning and had the pleasure of taking tea while looking at the view of Aberdovey in North Wales, a place I have never been before.

I always find that when I am away from home, and particularly near the sea, that the following days after my return are really introspective. So this week, sorry folks, but my Friday letter is to myself.

Dear me, you've had a lot going on in your head this week with thoughts bouncing around and lots of work to do.  You tried to immerse yourself in books to avoid too much thinking and only ended up pondering more.  It didn't help that on Thursday it finally hit you that you were actually 31. It also didn't help that on Sunday another one of your friends (married of course) announced they were having their first baby. After hearing the genuinely exciting news (my friend will be the coolest dad), you went home feeling all warm inside.  But on Thursday, when that realisation of 31ness hit, so did the recurring feeling that somehow you have been left behind despite the fact you are enormously grateful for every adventure you've had in life so far.

It was slightly before your birthday, maybe a week or so, when you woke up from a nap with a rather strange pull in your heart.  With no warning, a massive desire to have a baby flooded your body and you sank back again on the sofa.  You'd never felt this before and you rationally would rather you didn't right now.

It's the same pull you felt when you met the boyfriend that knowingness that you are looking at your future.  It's hard to believe sometimes you've only been together 14 months, it feels like you have known him forever. You wonder when everything is going to magically slot into place so you can have the money to live together, and start to live every dream you've ever imagined of sharing your life with your (very hot) best friend.  (Incidentally my birthday present was a trip through Spain....awesome huh?!)

You started to doubt yourself.  You started to feel impatient. Those hormones switched themselves on full blast and despite having an amazing career, boyfriend, family, friends, hobbies, travel, adventures and health, they made you feel like you'd failed.  Then you felt annoyed...annoyed at your biological clock, about society and at yourself for letting your hormones take over. 

So now you're in a place where your head, heart and hormones are all in competition, hoping, just hoping that the head and heart win and you realise that 31 is just a number. You just need to avoid romantic novels, films and nurseries and you should be fine.

That's all for this week....

Rosie xx

(Link up your Friday's Letters: HERE)

1984 - "A Look Back" Link-Up

This is my first time linking up with Brooke @ Covered in Grace and all her awesome co-hosts.  In all honesty, I don't really remember much about my childhood - everything has gone quite fuzzy and I can't really say I am very sure over what actually happened and what I think happened. So I decided to have a bit more of an abstract "look back".  In 1984 my brother was born!

A Look Back

(I apologise for the lack of photos; I don't actually own any from when I was small. They are in the possession of my parents!)

How to be a Better Blog Angel: A Beginner's Guide

I am so excited that Day One of Blog Angels starts today.  Are you ready to spread your kindness and expertise around blog land?

For those people wondering what an EARTH I am talking about then check out the original post about the new Blog Angels scheme Katlyn and I set up here.  Don't worry if you're not currently taking part - if all goes well we will be holding the scheme every two months, allowing to meet new people and make blog land an even friendlier place. Check back in late July to find out about the August sign up.

It's been really heart-warming to receive emails from Angels who have started stalking  researching their blogger already.  I am overwhelmed by your enthusiasm. Although, I'm a little bummed that I can't have my own secret angel, having allocated everyone myself! Booooooo! I can't wait to visit all of your blogs and see if I can spot who is helping who out though. 

I've also received emails from people a little bit unsure on how to maintain their 'secret' identity.  Follow this link to see my Glog on being a better Blog Angel, to find out more tips.  (I have just found this site and even though I know it's aimed at children, I'm having so much fun making posters. I'm such a child!)

Please send me an email here if you have any top tips you want me to add to my Glog.

Don't forget you are going to write an update post and link here on the 15th June reflecting on your experience of being a Blog Angel so far.  This should still be anonymous.  More top tips on how to do this will be released soon (well, after I come back from holiday).

Thank you for giving me a warm glowy feeling inside. I am about 80% sure it's not the large glass of red wine I'm currently drinking. Yum.

Have fun and keep in touch.

Rosie & Katlyn xxx


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