Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Letters with Adventures of Newly Weds (Number 6)


Dear sleep, I've neglected you a bit this week even though my body and brain has been exhausted. It's rare I struggle to put sentences together, but I swear that blog post last night shouldn't have taken 3 hours to write. Dear readers, the last sentence doesn't mean I've written an epic blog post which you have to wade through, instead I have an awesome project coming really soon that I want YOU, yes YOU to be involved in.  You'll hear more about it as the weeks tick towards June. Dear Katlyn thanks for letting me join your book club as a helped me fulfill a bloggy dream right there. Dear enthusiasm, I love that you make me sign up to all sorts of things before I really know the level of commitment, but you're making me tired - a good kinda tired. Did you fancy a break so I can catch up on what I currently want to do?  Dear whoever is out there to hear this one, please do whatever you can to help anyone who is caring for someone with a major illness. I had never really seen the effects of cancer first hand, and now it seems to be all around me (thankfully not affecting me). There have just been too many recent deaths, too many people with bad news and we, as a community could do so much more.  I am running for a cancer charity in 10, 9 days and will be signing up as a bone marrow doner today.  I should have been helping years ago, rather than waiting until it started to hurt the people I care about.  Please, please consider helping in whatever way you can - even if it's not for cancer, for something which will go someway to ease the lives of those who deal with major illness.  Dear best 'real life' friends, I am super excited to see you in the next couple of weeks. When did we all get so busy and grown up that weeks seem to fly by?  Enthusiasm, yes you again, please leave me enough time in between projects to see my friends more often.  It's been too long and they are more important.

Peace out folks - it got a bit deep and meaningful again didn't it!

R xxx


Cait said...

great letters hun and def a new follower here :)

Eloquent English said...

Ohh a book club sound so fun!!! You better catch up on those Zzzz's girl! xoxo A-


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