Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday's Letters (May 18th) with Adventures of Newlyweds


Dear amazing boyfriend, thank you for coming to visit me on my birthday. You've just put a present down next to me, while I am writing this post and I really want to know what's inside! You were a legend coming out with me and 7 other women last night and didn't even flinch during the discussions!  Just so you are aware A and L spent the rest of the evening telling us we are perfect for each other and should be together all of the time immediately!. Dear awesome friends, thanks for a great night out and for feeding me.  I know it's a bit embarrassing that I managed to drink two glasses of wine and half a cocktail before I had to start on the water...but I feel great this morning! Dear tutor group from my old school, you looked awesome at your leaving celebrations and I was really excited you invited me back to be a part of it.  It was such a shame that J had to miss out.  (Update: he had an accident with a smashed window which nearly chopped off his first aid training was just about useful.). Remember to visit him and catch him up on everything that happened.  I still have his balloon! Dear running I'm sorry I don't like you still. I appreciate you made the charity run on Sunday fairly pleasant, well as pleasant as running can be, but still I really dislike how much my body hurts because of you.  Dear being 31, you also suck! Dear Charity Run, I know I should feel happy I completed you, but all I feel is relief that I didn't let my sponsors down, who showed such faith in me to be successful.  I am going to do a charity craft fair next...hello comfort zone! Dear Mum, thanks for supporting me at the run, taking pictures and then looking at modern art with me.  Tres awesome of you too.

There's so much this week!  Life is FULL!  Yay! 

Take care,

R xxx

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