Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bloggy Book Club - Week 4

It's going to be a short link up this week's nearly midnight and still have a bag to pack for tomorrow. I'm going on an outward bound adventure to prepare for a school trip in June.  Tomorrow brings a near 5 hour journey to the Welsh countryside and some water sports! Whoop! And the best news? It's going to be HOT and SUNNY! (This visit was cancelled in March due to extreme snow, so this is a massive result!)

Anyway, enough of what I should be preparing for and more about the book.  So this was the question this week:

"Who did you, upon reading the prologue, think murdered August? What effect did that opening scene of chaos and murder have on your reception of the story that follows?"

In all honesty, I read the book after seeing the film, so I should have known the answer to this. Luckily for me, my memory was a bit hazy and I genuinely thought Marlena had attacked August.  I was hopeful that there would be a strong heroine and looked forward to finding out what happened. (You can see from last week's post, that I felt a bit disappointed.)

The chaos and violence at the start of the book, however, is visually stunning, bewildering and engaging.  I love the way you are immersed in the circus right from the start; the madness of the situation just made me want to find out how the stampede had happened.  I do love a book that goes right into the action; sometimes I'm a bit of an impatient reader.  It was definitely a big enough hook to make me want to read through until the end, although if I had accidentally flicked to the end, and found the cyclical structure employed, I might have cheated and found out who it was without necessarily reading the whole thing.  Once again, you'll see from last week, I didn't really buy the whole romance thing. 

Well, I'm afraid it's now my bedtime. Promise I'll write more next week!  How are you guys getting on with the book? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Rosie xx

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