Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blog Angels - Help make someone's day.

(If you're just interested in what 'blog angels' is all about feel free to skip straight to paragraph 3!)

Since I started Craftbotic, less than three months ago, I have learnt a lot; I've written more than I anticipated...I joined a gazillion social networking sites and met  a lot of seriously talented women along the way.  Craftbotic is a real reflection of 'me'. I'm a bit random, sometimes I craft, sometimes I take pictures, sometimes I write about stuff that pops up in my head.  I break a lot of rules about blogging: having a clear 'identity', posting on regular days and I'm pretty sure I am meant to have various widgets and ways of following me available that I haven't even worked out yet.

Though I've come to realise that when I am happiest blogging, it's when I am interacting with other people: working on new projects, taking part in challenges which open up those pathways to learning about other people, myself and more importantly making new friends. Through making REAL relationships my blog has grown and people check in regularly to say hi.  This means the WORLD to me.  I have been blessed with a group of blog angels who have helped me on my journey so far. They have been people who have offered me guest posts, blog swapped, co-hosted my link party, let me co-host their parties, tweeted about me and generally showed so much support for what I am trying to do that their kindness is almost overwhelming. And what is more, they did/do it out of kindness not just to gain an extra follower. 

One of my blog 'angels', Katlyn @ Dreamy Meadow and I have decided to team up on two projects. One is the book club which you can join in on here

The other is 'blog angels'.  You will have seen link ups where people send each other stuff through the post, either crafts, letters or gifts...I LOVE them and join in all of the time.  This is a link up where you sign up to be paired with someone to become their 'angel'; a secret helper and new friend who will help to make their blogging day....for a whole month. 

You might comment on the blog regularly, offer help with a new project or invite them to take part in something that you are organising. You might make them a new blog button, teach them some html or give them shout outs via social media.  Whatever you do, and the possibilities for blog kindness is endless, it's about giving someone your time and kindness to have an awesome blogging experience.

In return, you will have your own secret, blog angel watching your bloggy back throughout the whole experience, but they won't be the same person that you are caring for!
Interested? Well here's what you have to do?
1. Follow Craftbotic and Dreamy Meadow on GFC
2. Fill in the form below
3. Receive an email giving you the link to your 'blog' buddy.
4. Be a SECRET angel for the month of June (helping them out as often as you are able)
5. Write an update post about your experience of being a blog angel and link up to our 'angel' party on 15th June.
6. Write a reveal post to be published on the 30th June where you introduce who you have been an angel for and how you've tried to help them out! Once again you link this to our party.
(So in summary: follow, form, help, and 2 x posts!)

Blog Angels applications have now closed for June. Check back on July 20th to sign up for the August Blog Angels. Thank you to the 77 who signed up this time!



Rosie & Katlyn  XO

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Lieke said...

Hi Rosie, this sounds so amazing!!! I would like to join is that is still possible!


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