Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some Other Crazy Goals - Running

You may, or may not have noticed the 'Crazy Goals' section of my blog where I put my ever expanding list of life targets, but I am going to write quickly about one today.

For a while I have wanted to start jogging. I have NEVER been really sporty. I played on a netball team as an adult for nearly three years and won the 'player of the year' prize for learning how to catch rather than step away from the ball.  SHOCKING!  I did manage once to get myself fit enough to be able to run for about 20 minutes without stopping.  However, this was with the help of my friend and meant we forced each other (sometimes with bribes of ice cream afterwards) to go out 3-4 times a week.  I quite liked that. Well, the ice cream and seeing my bestie part.  But I stopped when she pursued a career as a fitness instructor and started working in the evenings when we used to run.  I managed 3 independent runs and then always got distracted by books, cooking or a multitude of other 'excuses'.

So one of my goals was to be able to run 5km without stopping.  In honesty, I have done this. We have something called 'Park Run' in the UK, which is a weekly meet in a local park where everybody runs 5K. Volunteers time you and it's really friendly.  I actually met this goal in January. You can see from the image, how much I really enjoyed doing this!
parkrun 191 269
 Unfortunately, in January, someone very close to me was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and very luckily was rushed through surgery (only 10% of people get the benefit of this and it's the only way they might 'cure' you).  It's a horrible disease and requires major surgery, massive life changes, months of treatment and has no guarantees of success.  Most people don't even really realise they have it until it is too large to treat.  Like I said, the person was 'lucky' to have been at a stage to get the surgery.

In a fit of helplessness I signed up to run a charity 5km in London in June on behalf of the Pancreatic Cancer Society.  I have been raising money since then which has helped me reach and exceed my goal of raising £100 for charity too.

I'll be writing a post all about the run, with images and my final charity total for my friend Brooke who blogs at Covered in Grace.  We are having a blog swap on 16th May.  I hope you can visit her blog and find out how it all went - I'm really nervous.

R xxx

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Shauna said...

Just found your blog from Tippee Canoe, and I like it! I made myself your newest follower!

Happy Wednesday.


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