Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meat Free Monday - Combatting Wurst Overload

 On my first ever visit to Germany, my boyfriend informed me that the Germans 'love sausage'.  Read into that what you will, but he might well be right!  When you visit a supermarket the sausage section is nearly as large as the cheese aisle and at LEAST as large as the rest of the meat section. There are bratwurst vendors EVERYWHERE, not to mention that most German dishes are extremely meat based.  Over the summer, we had a barbecue and I made some vegetable skewers.  His neighbours are still teasing him over it.  A kebab? With no Meat? I didn't realise it would be so scandalous! Over Christmas, I ate so much meat I developed my own sausage shelf (like a meaty muffin top), which took AGES to get rid of (read: I am still getting rid of it).

So since then, whenever in Germany, we need to have a regular break from meat.  My boy, being the gorgeous, supportive man he is, agreed to a Meat Free Monday, which I read about in blog land.  So this Monday, I found a recipe for a Tomato, Spinach and Chickpea Curry.  It was really delicious. Did I take photos? Nope.  But if you visit here...you can have the recipe and a professional picture.  I know: the epitome of blog laziness.  It's worth the visit though.  Please forgive me....I made a button!

Do you have any tasty recipe links I could try out? Please be aware - I cannot abide: mushrooms, rice, egg or onion.  Not that I am fussy or anything. 

Rosie x


Alyx said...

Meat free monday?! How did you manage that in Germany?!!? hehe, they really DO love their meat here!

Prima said...

What Alyx said ^^ hehe
But I think that's a great idea!

(Okay, I may be biased as I've been a vegetarian for 11 years, but nonetheless.. lol)
Good luck!

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