Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday's Letters: A link up with Adventures of Newlyweds (Instalment 3)


Dear running, I know you make me fitter, but I don't enjoy you; my thighs today dislike you beyond measure. Dear feet, please warm up.  You are NEVER warm and I would like you to be.  Dear me, stop sitting on your legs; it's not normal to have pins & needles 3 or 4 times a day and I think you might be messing with the circulation in your feet.  Dear Chocospoon, thank you for having a branch in Heidelberg - I needed that Ameretto Macaroon Hot Chocolate, like you'd never know.  Dear productivity, if you could turn up soon that would be awesome.   Dear new blog friends, thank you for coming along and saying hello. I love meeting you.  Thank you boyfriend and family, for showing me a classic German Easter. I loved the bunny hunt, the walk in the country and the yummy roulade dinner. Lecker!

Until next week peeps! R xx

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