Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday's Letters a Link-Up with Adventures of Newlyweds (Part 3)


I can't believe how many new blog friends I have made through doing this! It really is great fun to join in.

Dear self you do really need to detach yourself from the computer a bit more.  I know you LOVE blogging and finding new blogs, but it is starting to take over a bit. Dear blogland...thank you for being so inspiring and interesting to read. I love all of the opportunities there are to interact and get to know people I otherwise would never meet. Dear Meet & Tweeters you rocked my Thursday,  Dear sun you are doing very well at shining and making it warmer. Please keep going. Dear Luisenpark you are full of gorgeous animals, flowers and snacks.  I love you....seriously...Dear lovely boyfriend you have gone beyond the barriers of awesomeness by choosing your new flat, so that it is one block from the craft shop and next to the central library. Summer will be really fun! Also, your understanding over my increasingly random craft purchases is amazing. I can't wait until we see Turandot on Sunday!

My first week off has been awesome. I hope you folks have a lovely Easter.

Rosie x

1 comment:

Recently Roached said...

Blogging friends are the best! :)

I really want to go to that zoo now!
Happy Easter!


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