Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sewing for Me - Sewing to Learn

Look at what I made!

If you haven't seen this from Elm Street Life  all over Pinterest, then where have you been? 

O.K, well I hadn't seen it either until I saw a version by Sunny Vanilla  at my Launch Party Link Party.

I absolutely loved this bag both times I saw it and having read the fabulous tutorial I thought I stood a chance of being able to make it without sewing stuff to myself! Result!

Now, bits are wonky (not shown by cunning photography), but here it is!  I made it. I am keeping it.  I love it!

This is me shamelessly posing in it, imagining I am going to a party. I love the colour blocking trend right now. One happy Rosie.

P.S. When you pop over to find the tutorial and you will  (I'm grateful you read this far), Check out the blog - there's lots of creativity and some lovely news!

Hope you loved your weekend! I attempted a solo project this weekend. Check it out on Tuesday.

Rosie x


Alyx said...

OHMYGOSH!! That is so cute!!!

Ashley Gault said...

Love those, they're adorable!! New follower, hope you had a great weekend! =)

Truly Myrtle said...

This is great - i love the colour and the bow is so cute! Well done. You are doing pretty jolly well for a new sewer! Your blog is great :)

mandy said...

Love this bow clutch! and you did an great job on your one.

New follower here. Thanks for stopping by my blog otherwise I would never have found your awesome blog :)


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