Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crazy Adventure Part 1!

If any of you hadn't realised, my boyfriend and I do not live in the same country!  He lives in Germany and I live in the U.K.  We see each other every 2 or so weeks, so it isn't too bad and I take advantage of my teacher holidays.  We met in Australia, so the distance doesn't seem as bad as it once did!

Anyhow, I have mega difficulties communicating with his friends and family, so I am teaching myself German, or trying to.  This is the big challenge of 2012.  I want to be able to have a normal conversation with other adults without having to act anything out again.

So, I found this website, via an English newspaper which helps you to learn vocabulary; it's called 'Memrise'.  I am in no way endorsing the pedagogy of the learning method, or claiming it will teach you another language....but it seems to be working for me: the person with the worst memory EVER.

Basically you learn words by planting seeds of them in your memory. You practise them to help them grow more and embed themselves better. The APP then reminds you to go and water them...or the cry...and then die away. It's like a Tamogotchi but with words...the guilt forces you to check in everyday.

I am 530/977 words through the Introductory German Course. I still forget the words I have learnt, but I know a lot more than when I started 4 weeks ago.

There is even a league table for the competitive out there of you. (cough cough)

So my 2012 challenge is massive. I want to try and learn 4000 words by the end of the year so that I can compliment my learning of grammar.  This is a completely 'realistic' aspiration, considering I am also trying to get fit and launch this new blog.

Do you speak other languages? Do you have any top tips?  Anyone fancy being a (free) German conversation buddy? 

I would love to know your ideas.

Rosie xx

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Meleah said...

For one, you're really pretty!
And two, I'm kind of jealous you live in the U.K.!!
But the only language I kind of know is Latin, so unfortunately I can't really help... I'm sorry!


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