Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Craftbotic Egg!

If you visited Aimee's Easter Egg hunt at It's Overflowing, you will have seen an amazing group of people posting their Easter Egg designs. I was really excited to be invited to join in.  This is the mini tutorial I posted last week, just in case you missed it!

My egg:
You need: a polystyryne egg, some tissue paper, dress makers pins, sequins, a scrap of felt and some coloured ball pins.

The idea for my egg came from an old sequined boob tube I wore at University 9 years ago (I would share a picture of the outfit, but trust me, NO-ONE wants to see it!) My initial plan was to recycle the sequins and cover my polystyrne egg in them using the dressmaker pins.

After 3 rows, with slightly sore fingers, I turned to plan B, which was to glue layers of tissue paper to the top and bottom of the egg, with the aim of having a sparkly belt around the middle. 

After adding some more sequins, I ended up with this:

While I liked it, I wanted to make something a little different. So I grabbed a small amount of felt and some yellow ball pins to make a daisy.

I chopped the felt into a circle and then pinned it to my egg.  It's a little quirky, but I really like it!

 I hope you like it. I launched Craftbotic in March 2012 after starting with a Christmas blog last September.  I hope to make lots of new bloggy friends. So remember tohell say hello - Happy Egg Hunting!

Rosie x


Devon Riesenberg said...

so cute and different!
following from the Sunday Blog Hop and your newest follower :)

Jonnique said...

I love the cute and creative egg. Your getting me excited for Easter. Your newest follower via blog hop! Please follow back so we can share our creativity!!!

Rosie said...

Thank you both!I have popped across and followed along. Have you two met yet? You should! Happy Easter!


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