Friday, March 23, 2012

Butterfly Board and Appreciation

It's been a fantastic first 13 days in blog land. I am really pleased to have met you, if you have followed along, or been in contact in any way. Thank you for your encouraging emails and kindness!  I have made myself a funky new wipe-away ideas board (no tutorial required, you know the ones!). Here it is with some of the other awesome things that happened to me this week. 

1. On Monday, I received these gorgeous flowers and chocolate bunny from some of the kids (via my lovely head of department) for helping them take part in BBC School News Report last week. They smell delicious as they are now opening.  I love Spring (more on that to follow...)
2. I made myself this board to help me organise what I want to make or write. At the moment, I approach most projects in quite a scatty, 'random' way. This is not overly helpful!
3. My egg was featured in Aimee's Easter Egg hunt. I was so excited about my first ever guest post, I literally danced! Check it out here and while you are there, check out Aimee's awesome decorating tips too.

Here's some more pictures of the board:

I used the same paper as the background (1 sheet of thick wrapping paper) and included some sweet butterflies on the outside. I didn't want to paint the frame as I like the chocolate brown with the bright colours.

 Tea is always a massive part of my plan!

What projects are you working on now/soon?

Random unrelated question: Does anyone else know what the new 'enclosure link' thing is that has just appeared on my posting page, and why I now have the option to add a link in at the top of my post?

Big Spring squeeze.

R xxx

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