Thursday, March 1, 2012

Apologies and A New Plan

Hi folks,

The launch of Craftbotic is going to be delayed until 10th March, due to personal circumstances.  If you have sent me a guest blog thank you; please check your email as I have sent a more detailed explanation of the delay.  Needless to say, crafting has been the least of my priorities, until now when I more than anything want to get started with Craftbotic and resume crafting ASAP.  Sorryfor being missing since mid-February! Please forgive me.

Check back on the 10th for a super guest post by Bethany at Pitter and Glink!

If you still want to join in and have a party themed  guest post you want to share, there is plenty of space left.  Just email me! I am back to checking them every day.  A link party will launch on the 10th for you to add in any of your party related posts.

Big hugs,

R xx


Amber said...

Hope everything is alright! And I am so sorry I completely forgot to send you my guest post! Things have been crazy for us too!


Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop said...

I've linked up! I love your blog, the little robot is adorable. I would like to ask a favor. I noticed you grabbed my button for your linky page. I would love for you to go grab my updated one. I'm thinking it will look a little nicer on your page. I don't know why it looks gross when someone else grabs it. Thanks!!

Rosie said...

Hi Lisa,
I have changed the button. Please let me know if it's not ok. I might even make something tomorrow, just so I can link up!
Rosie x

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