Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Whether you can't remember family birthdays, need to revise for an exam, or plan a massive party, all you need is a few organisational tips and you will start to find these tasks easier.  I love organisation: lists, spreadsheets, apps, colour-coding, diaries, post - it's. get the idea. Therefore I thought I would share some of my time management and organisational tips, which I found helped me feel a bit more on top of things. 

I am not a daily list writer, but do like to use one for when I plan a big event or task. I planned my DIY wedding with the help of a spreadsheet and monthly lists which broke down what we had to do. We picked a venue with no catering, decoration or equipment, so there was a lot to achieve.  We were working under a strict budget and to top it off, it was all organised in two languages.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I usually avoid popular romance novels like the plague. Not because I am a complete book snob, but because for a long while, the female protagonist (single, alone, stuck in a pants job, irritating ex etc. etc.) could well have been me. While some people may find it reassuring to 'identify' with the lead character and enjoy them jumping life's little hurdles (promotion, discovery of self-worth, settling down with that hot bloke who turns up at some point in the story), I just found it a bit depressing really. When you are that person, whose parents not so secretly worry if you will ever settle down, or who is the last in a very long list of friends who have coupled-up and tied the knot, the fiction clashes a bit too realistically with the fact and all hopes of escapism sink and its just easier to watch The X-factor at your parent's house again, while enjoying a free curry and a snuggle with your favourite cat. *the shame*

I don't know if it is because I am now married, having met my husband at the age of 29 in unexpected and almost unbelievable circumstances, that I am now converted - or that my brain can't cope with anything with multiple-claused sentences. Either way, Giovanna Fletcher's 'Dream a Little Dream' had me hooked despite an initial bumpy start with the first-person narrative.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


January is nearly over, pay day is nearly here for many of you and Valentine's Day, with all its nonsense, is just around the corner. Hopefully the socialising tips, make-up looks and book recommendations will have helped you so far with your fight against the January Blues, but we still have 4 more days to deal with, so why not spend it making something to liven up your walls a bit. After all, February is just as depressing even if there is (usually) a bit more money around to spend on pick-me-ups. 

I wanted to make myself a pennant banner for a while and decided that a motivational message would be ideal. Originally I wanted to make one saying 'cheer up' or 'it could be worse', but after receiving some bad news, they became wildly inappropriate. I wanted to use a mix of crochet and fabric for mine, but it is just as easy to use card and coloured paper.


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