Saturday, March 19, 2016


Remember when you were a child, and you and your friends played 'truth of dare', knowing full well that NO-ONE was going to be spilling any secrets, and that everyone just wanted an excuse to be a bit cheeky, or try out something new for the first time - without being judged? (Well depending on who you were made to snog in a cupboard, you may have been a little bit.) There is something about going out of your comfort zone, with permission to be a bit different than you are expected to be, that is thrilling and can make your pulse beat a bit faster while giving a wonderful sense of freedom.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Crochet is taking over my life. Seriously. I am so motivated to crochet that I can barely lift a finger to write on my blog. The good news is, is that I now have  ACTUALLY crocheted enough to show you what I have been up to. There are just so many good spring crochet patterns out there to get your hooks into, and the yarn colours of this season are also just so yummy!

As an advanced beginner with the ol' hooks and yarn, I think I am in quite a good place to review some of the crochet projects I have found online. Sometimes I through to an 'easy' pattern on Ravelry or Pinterest (you can find my Easter crochet board here) and go cross-eyed,  either from the amount of complicated stitch changes, or from the lack of detail to really help the novice crocheter. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I know I said I was probably not going to write much about being a mum, but today I am making an exception. It is 5:50 am.  Minibot has been sleeping on my arm now for 30 minutes. We are curled up on a rocking chair together while I help her to sleep. Today is one of the earlier starts, but every day she wakes up too early and screams because she can't get herself back to sleep. 

And, no, before you ask, she has never slept through the night. No, we don't need to feed her. Yes, it probably would be easier to let her sleep in our bed/put in ear plugs and let her cry/emigrate to a different continent.....but that's not for us. Oh....It worked for you? Well that is JUST super! (insert appropriate hand gesture here)


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